Apr 24, 2018

Worst Food for Health That You Should Know About

written by Lisa Hansen
in category Antioxidants

Nowadays, fitness is really important sitting back at your desk during work generally leads to obesity and overweight. It is quite important in such case to do regular workout and exercises to avoid this problem but most essential thing is to watch out the food you eat. Yes, diet is a very important factor for physical fitness but before deciding what to eat it is essential to know what not to eat. Therefore, you must know what should be avoided to consume in order to stay physically fit as in today’s world appearance do matter a lot.

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Healthy eating habits is important

For resisting excessive body weight or obesity, healthy eating habits is really important. You must consume sufficient amount of water every day, chew the food properly before swallowing it and of course include fruits and nuts in your diet. Consumption of high fibre food is really helpful along with taking healthy vitamin, minerals and protein. But before addition of these healthy food items in your diet you must know about the food items that you have to avoid from adding to your diet. There are a number of food items that you may consume every other day but they are highly unhygienic read on to know what are those food items.

Bagel is bane for your diet

Consuming a bagel could be harmful for you, if you are planning to get your body in shape. It is a large quantity of gluten, wheat and several other things that are too much for a one time meal. A bagel is quite large and therefore, it is not easy to get digested quickly and the one made up of enriched flour are even more harmful as the enriched flour tears into sugar that itself is a fat cell’s food.

Don’t satisfy your thirst with a soda

It usually happens that people drink soda when thirst hit them and this is just not good, you could have water or lime water for a change but soda is just not right. It is enriched with a great amount of sugar, which again is responsible for the growth of fat cells as the fat cells feed on sugar. There are unnatural sweeteners added in soda which is even worse as they disturb the functioning of digestion.

Avoiding butter is better

This is quite obvious that if you are not working out regularly and you are doing a desk job then adding butter in your daily diet plan is not a good idea at all. If you are not doing so well and good but if you are consuming it daily then stop it as soon as possible. There are a high amount of fat calorie as well as trans-fat in butter which is not the right thing for your body instead of that you may use olive oil.

Along with these items you should avoid all the food items with high quantity of calories like chocolates and candies. All you have to do is to find a replacement like eat brown rice instead of white one and lead a healthy lifestyle ahead.