Jul 24, 2018

Golf Sunglasses: What Are The Benefits?

written by Lisa Hansen
in category Strength Exercises

They say you gotta have your golf sunglasses always on. What is the reason behind that? We see some pro golfers use golf sunglasses but there are a number of them who don’t. Is it all about fighting against or with the sun or there’s something else that we are missing out?

golf sunglass

What would be the actual benefits of getting a golf sunglass?

In our article today, I will primarily be talking about the benefits of getting a good golf sunglass but apart from that, I will also talk about some good options that you can go for which will actually help you (in case if you think that golf sunglasses are essential).


Let’s begin the fight against sun.

Alright, so the key thing (which is obviously the most common option is to go for a golf sunglass) is to save your eyes against sun. Sun is not a great friend though it has multiple benefits and if you want to stay safe in an open golf course, a good idea is to go for a sunglass.

But that opens up another question for us. What if there’s no sun out there? What if it is a gloomy day or what if you live in a part of world where sun is never that strong?

Do you need a golf sunglass even then or does it become luxury?

The answer is very interesting.

Turns out, you still need golf sunglasses if you are into sunglasses only. There’s no actual reason for you to go for a golf sunglass if there’s no sun out there. A sunglass has only one objective which is to keep your eyes safe and so that you can open your eyes freely even with perfect sunlight.

If there’s no sunlight, it is not important to get a sunglass. However, most people still go for it because sun is unpredictable and it can come out any time.

There’s another angle to look at it.

Think about this.

When you have a habit of playing golf with your sunglasses on for a long time, you can’t really leave them even if there’s no sun on one particular day. It becomes a habit and many said that it also effects the way they play.

You will always look at things from a different perspective when you have a glass on and that’s true on a golf course too. You have special angles available when you are wearing a golf sunglass. You can look at the ball from an upper direction simply because you now have more sky light to play with.

Remember, even if there’s no sun, it is tough to look at the open white sky for more than a few seconds and if you are wearing a sunglass which is specially made for golf, you will have some benefits.

So yes, we will end it with this.

It is a fashion statement but it has real purposes too. We will definitely recommend that you go for a golf sunglass.