Apr 25, 2018

Bloating & How To Solve It

written by Lisa Hansen
in category Dairy Free

The problem of bloating can occur in anyone irrespective of age group or gender. The lack of proper diet is the main cause behind this problem.  Bloating is basically a digestive problem.  Any one may get affected by this. Though it can happen due to improper food consumption, certain other reasons are also there that affects the body to a great level. In this condition, your stomach gets swollen and becomes bigger in size than it was before. Also you start feeling pain and discomfort as if something is stuffed in your stomach. Though it’s a common problem, around 15- 40% people daily suffers from this health disorder.

What are the causes of bloating?

The main cause of this problem is due to eating certain food that is rotten or unhygienic for health. Due to this unawareness, many people around the world are dealing with this health issue. Bloating also occurs during menstruation period in women. In such cases, abdomen bloating generally occurs. When a person goes through this problem, its belly becomes swell right after having food.

The main cause of this health issue is gas production in an excess amount. The muscles of digestive system get disturbed and the pain goes bigger and severe. It increases pressure & discomfort along with making your stomach size bigger and weird. There are several cases of bloating where the reason was just increase in sensitivity, the abdomen feels sensitivity and pressure after eating and this results to the problem of Bloating.

Learn how to reduce this health problem:

There are various medical aids available that can help you in eliminating this health issue. But some easy ways can also help to a certain extent in elimination of this problem. If you too are dealing with issue, must try below mentioned tactics to get satisfying results. They are as follows:

  • Stop eating too much: avoid consuming excess amount of food. Do not eat every time, your diet should be according to an adequate schedule. Eating anytime or every time increases this health disorder. Start eating small portions over big meals. This will not let your stomach get swollen as it become after having big meals.
  • Avoid those foods you are allergic towards. Eating foods you are not capable to digest can never be a good option for you, in turns effects you and increase digestive issues in body. It generally increases excessive gas production that results to bloating and alike disorders.
  • Sugar alcohols a substance found in several sugar free foods as well as chewing gums are harmful in this case and can increase the issue of bloating. Avoiding food that contains sugar alcohols too help you as this substance increase excessive gas production in body.
  • Last but not the least, start exercise and going for walk in morning and evening. A good food habit with proper exercise will never let you go through any digestive problem.

Hence, this health is issue is common and frequent in human. But a proper diet and set of exercise will surely keep you away from this. Therefore, change your old idle schedule and start a fresh one to feel the difference in your life.